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Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

Making Womens Health simple.


Sick of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unfulfilled?

Let me guess - you want to make change, and you've tried - but just can't stick to anything? You struggle to find the energy, time and brain space to even think about your own wants and needs?


Chances are - you're not as lazy or greedy as you're telling yourself - you're just exhausted!

Life is so busy and you've been putting everybody else first - it's no wonder you're left drained and frustrated......or maybe even numb?

I help women to unravel it all and make feeling good simple!

Let's work together to create YOUR perfect picture of health - no crazy diets, no crazy exercise regime - just healthy behaviours that you WANT to implement and keep long term.

"The key to finding a happy balance in modern life - is simplicity"


Need someone to push you in your sessions?

I'm your girl!

I'm not here to punish, I'm here to support and cheer and show you what you're capable of.

We're in this together to make sure you're safe, getting results AND having lots of fun!


Exercise, nutrition and mindset are all critical when improving physical and mental health.

Let's create a custom plan that you actually ENJOY, and then support the s**t out of you while you work on your goals.

It's time to try a new approach.

Trust me - it's much simpler than you think!


Feeling ready to go now?

Don't need a coach - just need a plan?

Check out my self-led programs which are fantastic for ladies who have some basic training experience plus tasty recipe ebooks available with something for everyone!

Just grab and go!


What is a Health Coach and why do you need one?

Whether you want to lose weight, manage stress or improve your fitness and energy - I am here to help find the way that will work best for YOU.

I'll be your educator, your cheer-leader and your biggest ass kicker!

Together we will navigate the challenges you face, celebrate victories, and ultimately create a way to improve health WITHOUT all the deprivation and suffering.

Are you ready to feel empowered with clarity…...and take back control of your life?

Furry Hearts

Hey I'm Lesley

and I have been overweight, underweight and everything in between!

I became so curious about health and fitness that I gave up my corporate life and dedicated everything to helping other women.


In 12 years, I've seen and heard it all......and while it seems confusing - I promise it is so simple.

Imagine a detective, mixed with a mad scientist - that's me!

I have a unique gift of extracting information and understanding the real issues - allowing me to work WITH you to create simple solutions you actually want to do.


I transformed my whole life, and I'm ready to help you transform yours.

Priscilla Taumei

"You are so much more than a’re a bloody miracle! I love your energy!!!! The thing bout you Lesley is you actually give a shit about people? And that speaks volumes in your program."

Tessa Punshon

“It was amazing and so great to learn more about myself . Really digging deep and understanding day to day life and all the relationships with friends, family etc has been a game changer.

Kristen Croke

“You come in to people’s lives with a purpose & you change them. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. You’re honest, caring, hilarious, intelligent & f**king powerful.”
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