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Why Customised Coaching?

Because we KNOW that one plan does not suit all!

Imagine your own personal plan that takes into account your: -

   Body type


   Time availability

   Dietary preferences

   Fitness level

   Injuries and physical considerations

Think you might have a better chance of success with a plan like that? Yeah me too!

I am passionate about empowering you to reach YOUR goals, no matter how small or ambitious they may be, and my standout accountability system is HOW we succeed.

I help you stay on track via my app, monitor your progress through the week, and provide continuous support.


The only way to create lasting change is to do the small things often, so I'll be your hype girl and ass kicker - greatly increasing the likelihood of you achieving your goals and sticking to them long-term.

Trust me - there is a way to make this simple, you just haven't found it yet.

Don't wait any longer to invest in your health and well-being.

Get started with your completely customised plan for just $50 per week and start moving towards a more healthy, confident you.


- Customised Training Program suited to you & your goals (updated at 4 weeks if needed)

- Calories & Macro guidelines suited to you & your goals

- Free access to your own account in the Back To Life With Lesley App.

(Add in photos, measurements and track your training sessions and habits all in one place)

- Video demonstrations in app with correct form techniques, along with tips to help you get the most out of the exercise

- Step target plus any other habit tracking you would like to implement 


- Support & accountability through app messaging

- WEEKLY check ins via the app

- Support to overcome obstacles and solve problems as they arise

- Coaching goes for 8 week blocks




- FREE Welcome booklet with tips ​to help get you started


- FREE Flexible Eating Guide

- FREE Recipe E-Book 

- FREE Habit Hacks ebook

Learn a more balanced approach to health and wellbeing.  ​

Pink Tricycle

Feeling lost or overwhelmed?

Join me for a Clarity Experience

Whether you're just getting started or have tried 100 times over - a Clarity Experience Session could be just what you need.


We're going to pull everything apart - all of it!

We're using a specially formulated method to find out 2 key things: -

          What you REALLY want

          What is stealing all your focus and energy

Once we've done that - the rest is simple!

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