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Personal Training

Personal Training is where we unlock YOUR full potential.

Working together in person: -

 - fast tracks your progress & optimises results

 - unlocks direct, real time guidance

 - minimises injury risk

- provides maximum emotional support


Suited for beginners and those with health considerations, right through to more advanced clients with more goal-specific approaches.

Group Training or One on One?

You choose!

Group Training

Feel the energy & motivation that comes with a supportive community!


Fun, varied workouts designed to challenge and lift you.


Whether you're an absolute weapon or just starting, my group sessions offer a fun & effective way to move your body.


Enjoy the camaraderie, push your limits, and let's get it done!


Join me at Fight Academy in Nerang for an inclusive and empowering group that makes fitness fun!

Only $15 per class or $40 for the week

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One on One Training

Access maximum guidance and tailored sessions unique to your goals and preferences.


Experience the true benefits of personalised workouts, real-time corrections, and expert support.


Remember - It's not just exercise; it's a transformative journey with motivation, accountability, and overall wellness advice.


Join me at Fight Academy in Nerang and let's empower you to be your best self.

Sessions start from just $60 for 45 mins

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