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Accountability Without The Price Tag

Habit & Wellness Coaching

Helping You Create
Wellness Habits That Last!

Ever set out to start new habits, then......just not done them? Yeah me too.


I figured I just needed a plan to follow......yeah once I have a plan I'll just do the all things on it......nah!

Okay so that didn't work.......maybe I need a PT........that'll keep me on track, and it did - for the 2 hours I week I spent with them. Once I was on my own I'd drop the ball AGAIN! Frustrating hey?

What I really needed, was someone to hold my hand, to cheer me and nudge me, daily if necessary until my habits became as natural as brushing my teeth!


The truth is - this type of help hasn't been available before without signing up to expensive coaching packages (that you might not need), so I set about designing and creating a simpler system to help YOU gain the consistency you've been chasing so you can finally feel in control.


Welcome to your journey of habit building with our game-changing service - Momentum!

🌟 Why Does Momentum Work? 🌟

✅ Affordable Support: I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve themselves without breaking the bank. Momentum ensures that you receive support without the financial commitments of a full coaching package.


✅ Expert Accountability: I really want you to succeed. I want you to reach a point where you don't need me and can do it alone. I provide you with the support and guidance you need to create and achieve whatever habit goals you set.


✅ Customised Habit Tracking: I understand that one size doesn't fit all. I work with you to create a personalised habit tracking plans tailored to your unique needs, goals and time constraints.


✅ Proven Results: Me and my clients have experienced remarkable transformations in our lives, from breaking bad habits to establishing positive routines. Your success story is just a click away!

✅ Real Time Support: Getting started is hard - 1 or 2 hours of coaching or PT each week leaves you alone the other 166 hours....... Momentum provides support across the whole week to prevent the wheels falling off and needing to start over......and over.......and over!

📈 What's Included: 📈

🔹 Customised Habit Setting: My habit setting e-book & questionnaire will help you set some simple yet effective habit goals that you actually WANT to do.

🔹 Accountability: You will have access to my app where your customised habit goals will be pre-loaded. You receive notifications from the app so you can't forget what goals you set, and I'll be there in the background cheering you or giving you a gentle nudge when needed.

🔹 Progress Tracking: Watch your progress unfold with your easy-to-use dashboard, helping you stay accountable every step of the way. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

🔹 Feedback and Tips: My mission is to help you find consistency, so you no longer need me.
I'll provide feedback & tips when you are struggling and push you along when you look ready to progress even further - like an enthusiastic hype girl really!

💡 Who is Momentum for?

👉 Busy life-juggling women: Do you put more time and effort into your work than your health?  Maybe you are so busy running around after the family that there is no brain capacity or time left for your goals. Let's find a way to introduce some simple feel good habits to improve your daily routine and energy balance.

🌐 Get Started Today For Just $25 Per Week (Sign up is for 10 weeks)

Don't let another day pass treading water.

Momentum is your key to creating consistency, and we all know consistency is what transforms average into excellence.

👇 Sign Up Now and Start Your Journey Towards Focus and Fulfillment! 👇

Remember - Your habits determine your future.


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